The St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Global Health TRack in the Emergency Department is an interdisciplinary educational program for EM residents, nurses, and physician assistants. 

The track seeks to improve global public health knowledge base, provide tools and skills necessary to effectively conribute to interventions in global health emergencies, and prepare participants for the practice of emergency medicine in resource poor settings. 

• The Core Curriculum consists of didactic modules (lectures, online modules, seminars, discussions and journal club), simulations, skills training and a 2 week-1 month clinical/research field rotation.  Participants are requested to complete all required components and present a scholarly project. GH Track Directors will provide mentorship, give feedback and evaluate participants understanding of the didactic contents through short quizzes, discussions and presentations.


• Participants are encouraged to learn a foreign language, spoken in the country where field work accomplished. 


• The field rotation will provide the participants with opportunities to apply clinical skills efficiently, effectively in resource constrained environments as part of a health team. Participants will contribute to health resource capacity building through teaching and locally pertinent emergency medicine and curriculum development. Participants will be able to refine language 

and cultural competency skills.


• Participants will have 2 years to complete all requirements and receive a certificate of achievement.